What We Do

What We Do

We find links to connect people and organisation

COPULAR CONSULTING combine business insights and HR experience to deliver practical and targeted HR strategies and services at strategic and operational levels.

We’re driven by passion to help organisations who believe HR is a key component of their business strategies and goals. We complement as valuable partner regardless the size of the businesses which include young start-ups and emerging small and medium sized enterprises who do not have HR or full HR function.

We also act as an extension to organisations whose HR team needed help on specific HR areas that require dedicated implementation in particular to areas of people related policies and documentations, performance management, compensation and talent management.


Coaching for Performance Development

Introduce coaching concept and provide coaching to create an environment where people have the clarity, engagement and be the best they can be to deliver positive contributions and results

Behavioural and Traits Profiling

Uncover behavioural traits that are less obvious to oneself and unknown to others. Develop strengths to increase effectiveness at work and with people

Talent Identification and Development Planning

Introduce tools of identifying key employees for leadership and critical positions and identify targeted development strategies

Performance Management Processes

Implement effective performance management processes from the development of job competency, the streamlining of job structure and compensation to the charting of career path for progression

People Policies and Procedures

Set up new or review existing HR policies and procedures ensuring compliance with the relevant regulations and align all people related documentations. May include review and implementation of compensation and benefits to improve competitiveness

HR Operational Advisory and Services

Practical people handling and operational advice and support from managing employee disciplinary to performance related matters



Service Arrangement

Type of engagement and payment are customisable to offer flexibility that aligns to our clients’ needs and requirements:

Retainer: Access to our consultants on a mid to long term basis, paid monthly

HR-on-Request: Project-basis to implement a focused HR initiative

Contact us for more information about customising your needs and requirements.


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