Who We Are

Who We Are

We envision that every organisation has access to strong people practices

Our Vision

The name Copular is derived from the Latin word “Copula”, a connecting word in particular a form of the verb be connecting a subject and component (ref: Oxford Living Dictionaries).

With a twist to the definition, Copular go beyond to link people and organisation. We at Copular, envision that every person in an organisation finds their satisfaction and motivation to do well and develop their career whereas the organisation has the desire to create a conducive and empowering workplace for them to succeed.

The power of syncing the people and the organisation are tremendous and critical to create inner capability that has the ability to face and adapt to fast changing business dynamics.

Our mission is to help organisations to start embedding people strategies into their business equations and implement them flawlessly.


Our Approach

We work on learning your business, your industry and your people, what drive your business forward and pull your business behind. It is very critical that we work with key members of your organisations and on a joint effort and inputs, develop strategies that are closely linked with the business goals.


Our Core Values

Responsibility, integrity and determination are our guiding principles, and at the core of what we do.

These values define who we are and how we work in the team including with our clients and their people, from the boardroom to the shop floor.


Our Team

We are a team of HR professionals with over two decades of accumulated experience, working for both multinational and small local businesses. These humbling experiences enable us to apply a more practical and relevant approaches that deliver tangible outcomes.

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